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Morning All 3rd May 2016




We so often sPicture6truggle with words don’t you think?

When it comes to the deeper stuff of life we try our best and still find that we are misunderstood and somehow come short of what we are reaching for.

I passed a young guy in the street the other day. “How are you?” he asked (a precursor to trying to sell me something.) “Stunning”, I replied, leaving him speechless.

When God made all of this that surrounds us and put us in there the crown it and have (good) dominion over it he didn’t step back and say, “That’s OK then.” No, it was, and is, in his eyes, simply “stunning.”

So here’s the rub. I feel that we are already in “Revival” in the church. This is then followed by some great debate about the matter whilst we miss the wonderful green shoots of revival springing up all around us.

I feel that we are in a “wave” of the spirit of God and another debate follows on.

I feel that we are going deeper into the “river of God” – more discussion.

Listen up. Ruth and I are in deeper than we have ever known – it’s great in here! We are being rolled away on something very akin to a wave – it’s just great out there! Revival? Well there’s no doubting that we are being “revived” and as far as it is possibly up to us, so is everyone we touch in the name of Jesus.

All this whilst we are walking through what is perhaps one of the biggest personal challenges of my/our life. We are in the middle of a stupendous (words again huh?) journey into healing on the sole platform of “God is love, therefore he loves us, period”, and “healing was always part of the complete package delivered by Jesus through the cross, period.”

Women – and some men I guess – used to wear corsets. Well the corsets are coming off.

More trouble with words!

Ah well, be blessed.

Pete Hardy
Written by Pete Hardy

Pete is part of the leadership team. A qualified teacher, he works in many local schools and with the church. He is married to Ruth and they have two children and are now grandparents.

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